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Aye aye aye, what's all this then?

Oct 03, 2004 No Comments

Hysterically funny news has just reached us. Chief Minister Gaur visited a Bhopal police station the other day and was appalled by the size of the pandus. He has ordered them to go jogging and practice yoga. They are to clean up their filthy police chowkis and must watch movies on good behaviour. We would […]

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While politicians posture, people die

Oct 02, 2004 No Comments

For more than 20,000 people who suffered terrible injuries on the night of poison two decades ago, recent Supreme Court decisions about clean water and distribution of compensation monies come too late. Those twenty thousand are the dead. In their case neither was justice done, nor any humanity shown. The company, whose actions by any […]

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Bhopal roads blocked for clean water

Sep 29, 2004 No Comments

Tired of waiting for the government of Madhya Pradesh to obey a five-month-old Supreme Court order to supply clean water to contaminated areas, communities bearing the brunt of Carbide’s water poisoning today forced the issue with a blockade of two of Bhopal’s main roads. The action follows recent meetings with Babulal Gaur, then Minister for […]

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Dow poison scandal breaks in New Zealand

Sep 09, 2004 No Comments

A report on the effects of exposure to dioxin from Ivon Watkins-Dow’s chemical plant is today expected to overturn 30 years of assurances that residents had nothing to fear. The residents have claimed for years that the plant’s emissions caused birth defects, cancer and other diseases. A Health Ministry team has been in the affected […]

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What the blazes?

Sep 08, 2004 No Comments

LONDON, 8 SEPT 2004. An alert Bhopal.Net reader clicking this link in our 2003 news story 57 UK MPs sign Early Day Motion in support of Bhopal, was astonished to find himself reading instead about a dog called Blaze, who has apparently been saving the lives of British soldiers in Basra. The mundane explanation for […]

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US Government Shields Anderson

Aug 27, 2004 No Comments

Though we at can’t claim to have encountered it personally, there apparently exists a widely held belief that all stand equal before the law. On March 2nd, US Attorney General John Ashcroft declared the US government to be a guarantor of this equality. “It is the honor, the duty, and responsibility of the United […]

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Ten years, zero convictions

Jul 25, 2004 No Comments

The criminal case that is Bhopal’s second, seemingly eternal disaster SOMEBODY was criminally responsible for the Bhopal gas leak of December 1984, somebody should have been punished. Nothing of the sort happened. Instead the case lies trapped in the labyrinth called the Indian legal system. The CBI filed the chargesheet before the chief judicial magistrate […]

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Supreme Court orders unpaid compensation money to be given to survivors: celebrations in Bhopal, gloom in Midland, Michigan

Jul 19, 2004 No Comments

19 July, 2004, Bhopal In a major victory for the Bhopal survivors, the Supreme Court today ordered the Government of India to distribute the balance of compensation remaining from Union Carbide’s settlement among the 566,876 Bhopal survivors whose claims have been successfully settled. The balance of the hitherto undistributed compensation has accumulated interest and grown […]

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"Bhopal: Was the Drama Necessary?"

Jun 27, 2004 No Comments

Reprinted from The Hindu – Kalpana Sharma A two-page press release, issued on June 23 by the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, marked the end of a week of high drama. It stated that the Government of India had no objection to a U.S. Federal Court asking Union Carbide to clean up the mess it […]

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Government of India issues historic order, satyagrahis end fast

Jun 23, 2004 No Comments

INDIAN GOVERNMENT BOWS TO PRESSURE, AGREES TO SUBMIT STATEMENT TO U.S. COURT IN THE UNION CARBIDE-BHOPAL CONTAMINATION CLEAN UP CASE. New Delhi, June 23, 2004: Six days after three Bhopal activists began their hunger strike, the Government of India finally bowed to pressure and agreed to submit a statement to the New York District Court […]

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